About Appmaps


Appmaps, powered by CyberTech, are next generation, geo-enabled mash-ups to map any location based on their requirement. Right from reporting an incident, to finding the nearest school or convenient bus routes, Appmaps allow users to locate exactly what they need on cool maps using their mobile devices, desktops or simply the internet. They showcase some of the brand new capabilities of GIS platform through interactive and innovative Web2.0 interfaces, redefining the way you interact with maps and the web.

While we have a range of pre-built applications to choose from, we also provide the facility and support to build custom applications, suited to your specific requirement.


Configurable Web Mapping Application Templates:

  • Templates that can be easily downloaded from our App Gallery  (www.appmaps.com) and hosted on your servers.
  • Interface for government users to efficiently upload information and manage crowd-sourced data.
  • Configurable data sources, titles and icons to enable easy modification of data sources and visual appearance.
  • Advanced information model that can incorporate data from a simple MS Excel file to complex data structures along with supporting advanced  data integration using web-services.

VGI and Social Media Integration:

  • Advanced crowd-sourcing facility to enable citizens to contribute information through various public facing web and mobile interfaces.
  • Facility for citizens to subscribe for notifications via email and twitter.
  • Web applications can be used as internal dashboards to monitor the reported data, identify trends and send updates via email and twitter.