Location Analytics

Integrate location mapping systems with business intelligence systems to derive location based insights for more informed business decisions.

CyberTech’s Location Analytics solutions leverage the growing demands of the audience to integrate location mapping systems with business intelligence systems. These solutions let you visualize the geospatial relationships within your business intelligence. Location analytics is the fusion of Location, Business Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics. It helps to understand why things have happened in the past and to predict what and where things will happen in the future. It provides the power to synthesize information and derive insights from massive, dynamic, ambiguous, and often conflicting data. Ability to quickly map locations of assets, and other data such as sales by territory, state, or ZIP code helps to improve business efficiency. The visual impact of location based applications intelligence improves "speed to insight," making information – and business decisions – more timely. It gives your decision makers an edge – an information advantage.

For example: Find Locations and analyze markets about how well you and your competitors are serving your targets for country, state, and national averages for key demographic variables. Similarly you can also generate maps/reports to visualize consumer spending behavior to determine where to build, remodel, or relocate your businesses.

Our product GeoServe can be used to facilitate geo-statistical analytics. It is currently available for SAP and SharePoint and can be extended to MS Dynamics and BOBJ

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