Weaving location intelligence into business, CyberTech’s solutions extend business applications increasing benefit and delivering sustainable business performance.


Plug-in CyberTech’s GEO 2.0 frameworks to socialize, learn, and transform your data into maps.


Solutions to manage and carry out municipal process from land use / water / road / fleet / encroachment management to monitoring health, drainage system, slums, and others including a portal exclusively for citizens.


Geo-information repository to enhance emergency decisions and expedite response, without compromising on accuracy.


Location intelligence solutions to let you visualize the geospatial relationships within your business intelligence.


Integrating GIS and ERP to streamline assets and workflows.

Location Analytics

Integrate geographic information systems (GIS) with business intelligence (BI) systems to derive location based insights for more informed business decisions.

Enterprise Geo-enablement

Infuse the power of location into your business application.

Mobile Solutions

Interactive mobile apps providing location based solutions.